01: Stanley Lechtzin, head of the CAD-CAM program at Tyler School of Art is one of two people in the department authorized to operate the school’s 3D printer. He is making sure everything on the printer is correct before he starts a print job of students’ work that will take the next 17 hours to print.

02: Lechtzin watches as the printer begins to print the job that will be done after 2 a.m. the following morning.

03: The next day, Rachel Fine, a grad student who is the Print Lab Administrator  opens the printer to remove the students’ work, including some of her own.

04-06: When the objects are printed, they are nested within a supportive material to make sure they take the correct form. After printing, Fine uses a power blaster to remove the supportive material.

07: Fine balances one of the pieces that she designed. “My favorite part about using these printers is that I can create objects that are completely symmetrical.”

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