Some shots from Chris and Shayna’s wedding on Saturday.


Had fun yesterday photographing Lutti in the garage with that late afternoon sun.


Brian McTear is the executive director of Weathervane Music, a local organization that’s aiming to promote up-and-coming/underground artists mainly by way of their series, “Shaking Through,” a video that shows behind the scenes footage of how a band goes about recording a single or song.


The Women’s Christian Alliance, located at 18th and Cecil B. Moore, holds an after school program. WCA provides resources and support to more than 5,000 children and families in and around North Central Philadelphia annually. 


Matt’s started selling sunflower shoots to Pizzaria Beddia, a place at 115 E. Girard that makes whole gourmet pies. 


To accompany an article about Rave Culture in The Temple News, I went to a rave and took some pics. 1-3: Dancers from Vinyl Doll Productions, a dance performance crew, perform at an event in the Allegheny neighborhood of Philadelphia on March 29. 4+5: Kambridge Andrews who goes by “Tygermouth” DJs at a event in the Allegheny neighborhood of Philadelphia on March 29.


Rachel and Dan were married at Tenth Presbyterian in Center City. This is the church that I went to growing up and it was really fun to photograph in a place so familiar and beautiful. Rachel and Dan are really amazing and I’m really lucky I got to hang out with them on their wedding They started their day together with Dan blindfolded as they prayed for God’s blessing on their marriage and danced into the night including a waltz to Metalica’s Nothing Else Matters.They’re both finishing up med school with a dream to work as doctors in India. For their reception, Rachel and Dan chose to wear traditional Indian clothing to celebrate a culture they’re hoping to submerge themselves into. Many thanks to the talented Alex Udowenko for second shooting!Full post here.


Temple Faculty rehearse for Dance for Water in Pearson Hall.


Community meeting at The Women’s Christian Alliance 


Check out this amazing article by Pat Madej about Friday’s incidents. Yesterday I met with two of the girls that got attacked off Temple’s campus on Friday night and photographed their reactions to the incidents.

01: A Temple student looks at the hole she made in the drywall of her off-campus apartment out of frustration after getting assaulted just steps from her door on Friday evening.

02: After being assaulted on Friday evening, a Temple junior ran into the back bathroom of her house. “I needed to be alone and to take deep breaths.”

03:A Temple student stands where she was punched in the face around 6 p.m. while walking home from the Cecil B. Moore subway station on Friday evening.


I’m so happy that the days are getting longer and there’s starting to be some sunshine when I go with Matt to the garage where he’s growing his sunflower shoots. On Thursday, Rachel, who owns a vegan restaurant in West Philly, came by to pick up some greens. 


David Lawrence Glover, a junior theater major plays Othello in a production directed by Alexander Monsell. They will be performing at Saint Jude’s Children’s hospital starting in April. On Friday night, they ran through lines in an empty classroom on Temple’s campus.


Temple School of Media and Communication’s Director, Faculty and Academic Affairs Debbie Marshall and Assistant Dean for Administration Donald Heller organized a drive for Berean Presbyterian Church’s food Pantry. They dropped off the donations on Wednesday.


On the way back to Philly, Mumblr played at The Main Squeeze, a punk house in Little Rock that was hosting a festival for bands traveling back to the Northeast from Austin. View my whole piece on The Key.


Hanging out in Austin for the day. View my piece about Mumblr’s trip to SXSW on The Key.